Power. Let's talk about power. Power in the home. Power on the phone. Power at the office. Power at the table. Power in the stable. Power at the corner store. Power with the man next door. Power on the bus. Power on the street. Power in the bedroom. Let's talk about power. It's everywhere. We're always talking about power. Even when we're not talking about power, we're talking about power. Everybody wants it. Beauty is power. You can't take the power out of beauty and you can't take the beauty out of power. It's always there. It fills the space between you and me.

Mothers. Let's talk about mothers. We're all mothers of one sort or another. Biological mothers, adoptive mothers, surrogate mothers, mothers of invention, Mother of Courage, Mother of sorrow, Mother of God. What's that about? The camera is the extension of the eye. The machine, the extension of the man. The child is the extension of the mother. Mother plus other always adds up to power.

Boys. Let's talk about boys. Boys are about power. Big boys, little boys, boys with long legs. Ladies picture if you will a three and half foot femur and tell me it doesn't make your mouth water. Poor boys, rich boys, country boys, city boys, local boys, foreign boys, black and white boys. Boys with toys. Boys as toys. Choir boys, third-world boys, working boys with dirty fingers, boys with PHDs, boys with tatoos, boys with hair (on their heads), dumb boys, smart boys, Venetian twin boys, and let us not forget the ever-fashionable boy with a heroin addiction. We're talking about boys. We're talking about toys. We're talking about power. Get a horse. Of course. Remember. Before and after boys, there are horses.

Goddesses. Let's talk about Goddesses. The White Goddess, The Black Goddess, Erda who is of course a Goddess of colour. Erda is green. So many Goddesses around these days one hardly knows where to begin. The Goddess Within? Or the Goddess of Autumn, who of course this year was The Goddess Without. Without what? Without taste. Then there's the suffering Goddess and the vengeful Goddess. It's so hard to tell the difference. Last winter's Domatrix is a masochist in the spring. With Goddesses we're always talking about Power. And Power is always in season.