You are not alone. You are a part of everything. You are in Nature, and Nature is in you. This will be made clear to you when your T-cell count drops. Then you too will be made aware of the ether of life surrounding us, ever ready to become a part of us, ever ready to have us become a part of it.

Did you know there are mites in your mattress feeding on your sloughed off skin? Did you know there are creatures in the air and you're breathing them in? Did you know you have fungi in your fingernails and your eyelashes crawl with mites? Your mouth is home to bacteria and rot, or it's not, only because your saliva kills living things. Which brings me to the subject of slime.

   Slime Slime divine
   You're so fine
   When you're mine.

   Slime Oh slime sublime
   When you're mine
   You're just fine

   Slime, Oh slime sublime
   When you're mine,
   You're just fine.

My slime I can live with but not yours. I don't want your slime near mine. Garbage is invading my mind. All sorts of crap gets into my head because the ear is an open drain for the public sewer and my mind is a cesspool. My mind and your mind.

We say, "I'll make up my own mind about that." I very much doubt it. We say, "Suzie is a girl with a mind of her own," as if Suzie had a tidy country cottage in her head, rather than a traumatized post-industrial slag heap. Suzie doesn't have a hope in hell of making up her mind because Suzie's head is clogged with garbage.

Skin's O.K. for keeping meat in but it doesn't keep everything out. I learned this about skin when I accidentally put my arm in a puddle of bad drugs and left it there for ten minutes. There is no safety. Sure you can avoid restaurants that play pop music and you can wash your hands. But there is no cure for this is nature. There is no isolation and there is no purity, and sooner or later every undiscovered continent comes face to face with Europe.

   Slime slime divine

   Slime, slime divine
   You're so fine, when you're mine
   Slime oh slime sublime
   When you're mine, you're just fine
   Slime, oh slime sublime,
   when you're mine, you're just fine.