Miasma in vienna Demo 2002 2,2 mb

Dainty ballerinas, bloody brides, valkyries and suicides; the push and pull of desire radiates from this poetic collage of women in masquerade.

MIASMA, Spectacles of Fantasy (Length. 17:35) marks and documents ten years of performance by MIASMA. Canadian videographer and visual artist Allan Harding MacKay has used documentary footage to compose a lush dream stream of women engaged in exploration of feminine identities, archetypes, and desires ranging from self-sacrifice to murder. Original sound track is by Gudrun, Media Arts at The Banff Centre, is co-producer.
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V-Tape (Toronto)

Harmony Ridge Music


2002 - Miasma in Vienna, video captures

2000 - Miasma Greatest Hits, The Banff Centre, photos: Don Lee

1997 - Miasma Canned, The Banff Centre

1996 - Miasma, Fantasies of Place, Germany Tour, video captures

1996 - Miasma, Stupid as a Rose, Maenad Theatre Calgary

1994 - Miasma, Stupid as a Rose, Europe Tour, video captures

1992 - Miasma, A Butoh Opera, The Banff Centre

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